Local flavours

Cheyres Cheyres AOP wines

The Cheyres vineyards extend for 14 hectares along the shores of the Neuchatel lake. It is not only an entirely Fribourg vineyard, but it is also the only one situated on the south shore of the lake.

Estavayer-le-Lac Fishes of the lake

Fish, caught daily, are prepared with care in the restaurants of the area.

Estavayer-le-le-Lac / Payerne Cheese

Two notable cheeses are unique in the region, « Le Bon Vaudois » and « Le Maréchal ». Both are welcome additions to family meals.

Fribourg Chocolat Villars

Chocolat Villars is a trademark dear to the people of Fribourg. Founded in 1901 by Wilhelm Kaiser, the chocolate maker takes its name from the commune of Villars-sur-Glâne, where the factory was formerly established.

Fribourg Fishfarm form the Gottéron valley

Enter into the special atmosphere of the Gottéron valley, an area dear to the Fribourg inhabitants for its historical heritage and its special setting. A couple of steps from the historic old town of Fribourg, the valley offers a place of relaxation and a splendid get away.


This soft cheese, made from unpasteurised cow’s milk, is produced in the districts of La Glâne and La Veveyse, in the west of FRIBOURG REGION. A speciality that has become local, Beaumont has been produced in our region since the beginning of the century.

FRIBOURG REGION Local smoked ham

Christophe Wicht, of Prez-vers-Siviriez, demonstrates the very special way that jambon de la borne, or local smoked ham, is made.


The number of artisanal breweries is blossoming steadily throughout the region. Among them, the Samaritan brewery in the historic old town of Fribourg (known as the Basse-Ville), is where Alain Morand receives us. “The Dzodzet”, the “Bolze beer” or the “Barbeblanche” are some of the evocative, mouth watering names of the beers.

FRIBOURG REGION The weekly markets

As the seasons go by, the market stalls are coloured in a 1001 ways. At the market, everything can be eaten or almost. Touch, feel, taste, bargain or ask for advice. The traders are great experts on their products and will be pleased to guide you, or indeed inspire you.

La Gruyère "moitié-moitié" Fondue

A meal, to be eaten with friends, which consists of Gruyère AOP cheese and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP cheese melted together in a pan.

La Gruyère Bénichon mustard

"Jam", served at breakfast time and with the aperitif on Bénichon day. It is made using candy sugar, spice, cooked wine ("vin cuit") and mustard powder. It is eaten with cuchaule.

La Gruyère Bricelet (a waffle type biscuit)

Numerous delights are encompassed within the Bénichon meal, such as beignets, cuquettes, croquets, bricelets and pains d‘anis.

La Gruyère Cuchaule

True queen of La Bénichon, cuchaule bread has the honour of opening the festivities at the famous meal.

La Gruyère Macaroni de Chalet

Macaroni cooked in a cauldron over a wood fire with onions. Just before serving, cream and roughly grated Gruyère cheese are added.

La Gruyère Meringues with La Gruyère double cream

The dessert par excellence of the Bénichon meal, meringues and Gruyère double cream go perfectly together.

La Gruyère Poire à Botzi AOP

A delicious accompaniment to the ragoût d’agneau (lamb stew) of the Bénichon meal, Poire à Botzi AOP is a typical Fribourg variety and also the first Swiss fruit to benefit from an AOP label.

La Gruyère Produit de la Borne

There are several delights produced from the pork smoking chimney, such as ham, the Fribourg sausage, bacon and other sausages.

La Gruyère Serac

A fresh white cheese prepared with a special part of milk.

La Gruyère Soupe de Chalet

This soup was prepared in chalets in the days when the shepherd had no possibility of obtaining fresh vegetables during the high pasture grazing season. It is mainly composed of wild mountain herbs, milk, potatoes, macaroni, cream and Gruyère AOP.

La Gruyère The Gruyère AOP

Taking its name from the magnificent region from which it comes; Gruyère AOP has been produced in our region since at least the twelfth century. This cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk benefits from the long traditional know-how of the master cheese makers and refiners.

La Gruyère Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP

A cheese as symbolic as Gruyère AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP is produced exclusively in the villages and alpine pastures of FRIBOURG REGION.

La Gruyère Vacherin Fribourgeois Fondue

A meal to be eaten with friends that consists of Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP cheese, melted in a pan and eaten with bread.

La Gruyère Vin cuit

A pear syrup used in pies and Bénichon "mustard".

Lake of Murten Fish speciality

Situated at the foot of Mont-Vully, surrounded by vineyards and charming villages, Lake Murten is the perfect picture for a postcard. An ideal setting for the numerous fishermen of the region, both professional and amateur.

Lake of Murten The Seeland’s Vegetables

The Seeland is a vast plain situated in the Three Lakes Region, part of which is located in the north of the Fribourg countryside. Specialising in market gardening due to its fertile soil and agreeable climate, it has been nicknamed, "The kitchen garden of Switzerland."

Le Mouret The Vulcain Cider Farm

In Le Mouret, Jacques Perritaz keeps the traditional cider farm, Le Vulcain. A biologist by training, it was his passion for oenology that drove the craftsman to produce his own cider. The aim of the cider farm is clear: to capture the intensity of the flavour of the fruit and promote the diversity of produce from Fribourg in a beverage that is both delicious and refreshing.

Le Vully Mont Vully

Taking its name from the mountain that dominates the magnificent region of the three lakes, Mont Vully is a parti-cularly aromatic, semi-hard cows’ milk cheese made in the village of Cressier.

Le Vully The Famous Vully Tart

This speciality is so well known in the region from where it originates that one simply speaks of "the tart". Historically, it is difficult to know when or how this pastry was born. Several recipes have passed from mothers to daughters over the decades.

Le Vully Vully Wines

How do you fancy a glass of wine from Mont-Vully in the region Murten Lake, one of the smallest vineyards in Switzerland? Freiburger, Traminer and Riesling Sylvana are just some of the speciality wines produced by the Vully wine-growers.

Montagny-la-Ville The Belmont Cider Press

In Montagny-la-Ville, in La Broye, you can bring your own fruit from the orchard to the cider press to obtain a delicious drink from them. Apple, pear or quince juice hold no mysteries for André Pauchard, who is in charge of the Belmont cider press.

Murten The Nidelkuchen, Murten Cream Cake

The Nidelkuchen is a cream cake the conception of which is totally unique. This pastry is produced exclusively at the Aebersold bakery, in the heart of Murten. For three generations, this family has refined its taste, quality and simplicity.

Neirivue Fish Farming in Gruyère Region

Situated in Neirivue, in the magnificent Intyamon valley, the Gruyère fish farm brings together all the elements which are ideal for spending some enjoyable family time: an idyllic setting, premium quality trout and the opportunity to catch a fish yourself in the fish pond.

Payerne Sausages and pork meat products from Payerne

The traditional dishes of Payerne are ham, sausages, various cold cuts and pork products.

Plaffeien Mutschli

A small, cows’ milk cheese from the alpine pastures, Mutschli is available in several varieties. Whether plain, with herbs, garlic or capsicum, it is a mild cheese, being relatively young. It remains only three weeks in the maturation cellar.



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    Schwarzsee - Stalden


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