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Sharing his love for the mountains

Since 1985, Raoul Colliard has been opening his Alpine restaurant to fans of the mountains and of his culinary traditions. Over thirty years of sharing and laughter on a sunny terrace which is always full.

Emotions are never far away when Raoul Colliard talks about his love for life in the mountains. He has many stories, and to hear them, you only need to take a trip to La Saletta, high in Les Paccots. This old alpine chalet welcomes many guests, often coming from far away to savour the traditional regional dishes. Celebrities such as Garou, Pascal Couchepin, Derib and Jean Piat have already visited. “For me, everyone is an important person. We give everyone the same service” says Raoul. “The stars here are the fondue stirred with a silver fork and the mushrooms on toasts.”

Above all, Myriam and Raoul Colliard want to share the ambiance and a knowledge of simple cooking, with no frills but steeped in precious heritage. Raoul recalls the macaroni with cream he used to eat with a wooden spoon: “We used to prepare it for three days, then it was three days of “soupe de chalet” and on the seventh day we rejoiced when a visitor brought us a saveloy. A feast! In the evening, we rinsed the spoon in the “kouétre” (residual liquid from Sérac cheese) and it was ready for the double cream for breakfast.” He only needs to close his eyes to remember it all, but without nostalgia – just pleasure in the memory.

The tarmac road allows both mountain bikers and older people to reach the chalet and its delicious food without any difficulty. “At the end of every season, I tell myself that I’m going to take it easier the next year, but when spring comes, I’m like Mr Seguin’s goat – I can’t wait to get to the mountain.” A couple sits down at table seven, exclaiming “Oh, it’s good to be here!” Myriam smiles: she has just been rewarded for all their hard work. At over 70 years of age, the two hosts and their team expect to be serving many more fondues. Don’t forget to make a reservation!




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