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Charmey E-Bikes rental in Charmey

Charmey offers you the possibility to vist Charmey and its surrounding from June until October. From Schwarzsee to Bulle, from Jaun to La Berra, rent a electric bike an enjoy the region of La Gruyère.

Charmey Getaway in La Gruyère

Validity: from June until September, for groups, reservation obligatory
CHF 49.- per Person, entries and Ebike rental included
Possibility to be guided.

Estavayer-le-Lac/Payerne Cycling through La Broye

This map features more than 400 km of signposted bike trails, taking you through country lanes, along lakeshores, over undulating hills and deep into lush green forests.

FRIBOURG REGION "Mittelland Route"

National route n°5 of SwitzerlandMobility. The pleasant ride along the varied Mittelland Route is mostly on traffic-free paths, along lakes, through wide plains and peaceful valleys, towns and villages.

FRIBOURG REGION "Saanenland–Freiburgerland Route"

Discover the regional route n°59, the „Saanenland–Freiburgerland Route“.

FRIBOURG REGION Alpine panorama route

Discover the national route n°4, the “Alpine Panorama Route”. Marvel the unique and breathtaking panorama.

FRIBOURG REGION Alter Bernerweg Route

Regional route n°34 of SwitzerlandMobility. The route leads through the former peasant lands of the Bernese Lords, passing historic towns such as Estavayer on Lac de Neuchatel, Payerne with its abbey church, etc.

FRIBOURG REGION La Broye–La Gruyère Route

Regional route n°87 of SwitzerlandMobility. From the Broye-plain over gentle hills, catching a glimpse of the pictorial silhouette of Romont and arriving in Bulle.


National route n°9 of SwitzerlandMobility. This section goes along the old Cheese Route to Gruyères, a pretty medieval village.

FRIBOURG REGION Le Jorat–Trois Lacs–Emme Route

Regional route n°44 of SwitzerlandMobility. Numerous historical towns along the route, refreshing waters of the Broye, Murtensee, Aare and Emme.

FRIBOURG REGION L’Areuse–Emme–Sihl Route (via Kerzers)

Regional route n°94 of SwitzerlandMobility. The route makes a sweeping arc through a variety of landscapes in seven cantons.

FRIBOURG REGION Round tour: 3 beautiful days of cycling

CHF 446.– per person
Validity: until 31.10.2016
Murten–Fribourg– Gruyères–Murten, 4 days / 3 nights in a standard double room incl. breakfast, luggage transport, travel and route documents, helpline open 7 days a week.

FRIBOURG REGION Sense–Glâne–Veveyse Route

Regional route n°62 of SwitzerlandMobility. To the east more rippled, to the west a little flatter. Streams cut their way through lush milk country. Constantly surprising views - of Lac de la Gruyère, the medieval hill town of Romont and an awe-inspiring Alpine panorama.


Discover the Heart Road during one or several day-trips. Seven daily stages are awaiting you. Do not miss to cross the two stages going through FRIBOURG REGION.

Kerzers Vegetable Path

Welcome to the largest vegetable garden of Switzerland. From the beginning of May until mid-October, you can discover over 60 varieties of vegetables growing in this region.

Murten Bike-Golf Lake Murten

With the bike and a Swingolf club around the lake Murten. Discover the region in a playful way with the family or in a group. All you need is your own muscular strength or a E-Bike.

Romont PubliBike Romont

Bikes and e-bikes (PubliBike) can be rented at the train station in Romont.

Schwarzsee From the city to the countryside by bike

Von der Stadt aufs Land und umgekehrt vom Land in die Stadt. Verschmelzen Sie Fitness und Erlebnis und schwingen Sie sich auf ein Velo, Bike oder E-Bike. Zwei abwechslungsreiche Routen verbinden Stadt und Land und führen Sie an Ihren Ausgangspunkt zurück. Von Schwarzsee nach Freiburg und umgekehrt, mit der Möglichkeit Ihr Velo in den tpf-Bus zu verladen. Gönnen Sie sich einen erlebnisreichen und spannenden Fitnesstag im schönen Freiburgerland.



  • Bulle - Château
    Bulle - Château
  • Bulle - Grand Rue
    Bulle - Grand Rue
  • Charmey
  • Charmey
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Estavayer-le-Lac
  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville
  • Gruyères
  • Jaun
  • Jaun
  • Jaun - Chalet du soldat
    Jaun - Chalet du soldat
  • la Berra
    la Berra
  • La Berra
    La Berra
  • Lac de la Gruyère
    Lac de la Gruyère
  • Lake Murten
    Lake Murten
  • Les Paccots
    Les Paccots
  • Moléson - village
    Moléson - village
  • Murten - Castle
    Murten - Castle
  • Portalban
  • Portalban
  • Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
    Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
  • Schwarzsee - See
    Schwarzsee - See
  • Schwarzsee - Stalden
    Schwarzsee - Stalden



All the highlights of the region.


Many different kinds of events take place in FRIBOURG REGION!
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