Family hikes

Broc The Gorges of the Jogne

The Gorges are open.

From Broc to Châtel-sur-Montsalvens, the Jogne gorges will enchant you with their wild, unusully beautiful scenery.

Broc - Le Pont qui Branle At the foot of Gruyères Hill

This attractive, easy circular walk is ideal for families. When you are at the foot of the Gruyères hill, you have splendid views across to the Moléson, the Dent de Broc and the Vanils mountain range.

Bulle Exploring the Bouleyres forest

The Bouleyres forest, to the East of the town of Bulle is a big « bubble » (Bulle in French) of oxygen, a relaxing place to escape to.

Bulle - Vuadens Witches' path

This new path will appeal to nature lovers and those interested in fantasy. They will go through the place called "Les Aunes" on a 4.5 km circuit. Start at Les Colombettes restaurant, in Vuadens. Good walking shoes indispensable.

Bulle-Broc Through the Bouleyres woodlands

From the town known for its local produce to the village of chocolate fame is an easy walk through the Bouleyres forest.

Bulle-Gruyères From one Castle to the next

From Bulle Castle to that of Gruyères, via the Maison du Gruyère.

Charmey Montsalvens Lake round tour

Why not explore the banks of the Lac de Montsalvens, an ideal hike for families. A shady tour with a wooden footbridge (60 m long), picnic spots and a dam in the form of an arch.

Courtepin Bibera river trail

The Bibera is a revitalized stream. Among other plant and animal species, it hosts beavers, whose buildings are easily visible. A scenic 6 km-long gravel path has been built along the river between Courtaman and Liebistorf. The proposal below concerns the section Cressier-Courtepin and can be done on foot or by bike. The return trip can be done by train.

Estavayer-le-Lac The Grande Cariçaie

It's the biggest lake marsh of Switzerland. Walks or rides on the roads going trough the nature reserves, will make you discover a wildlife with unsuspected and unlimited resources.

Fribourg Canoe day trip from Fribourg to Schiffenen

Let the river "Sarine" guide you from Fribourg to Schiffenen Lake and discover wonders of nature hidden nearby the cliffs.

Fribourg Hauterive Abbey

Come feel the quietness of Hauterive Abbey, built in the middle of the forest nearby a river. It belongs to the Order of Citeaux. It is worth a visit!

Fribourg Madeleine Hermitage

The Madeleine Hermitage in Räsch near Düdingen is carved into the cliffs above Lake Schiffenen. It consists of different rooms measuring 120 metre in total.

Fribourg Waterway trails

Water, its importance, its environment...Two nature trails, close to the city of Fribourg, offer a great outdoor experience that is both relaxing and educational in a setting, idyllic and full of surprises.

Grandvillard Discover trail "Grandvillard architecture"

The trail shows a choice of 14 houses or buildings in the village. These constructions are made in different styles from the farmer architecture from XVIth to XXth century.

Gruyères-Moléson Cheese dairy path

Here you can breathe in the pure air of our mountains and forests. Explore Gruyère's green pastures, its herds of cattle and when you are between Pringy and Moléson- Village, stop to admire the traditional alpine chalets, with their shingle roofs.

Intyamon Valley Path of the « poyas »

Between Estavannens and Lessoc, walk back along the Sarine to explore the Gruyerian villages where you can still see the very old poyas (long wooden panels depicting the summer ascent of cattle and their owners to the high alps).

Intyamon Valley The Agro-sylvicultural trail

From Estavannens to Montbovon, exploration of nature in the Gruyère region through explanatory panels. 65 species of trees, traditional villages.

Intyamon Valley Trail of the Counts of Gruyères

From Gruyères to Montbovon (18 km) discover the left side of la Sarine with its seven villages that will tell their legends and show their old houses and chapels. You can curtail your walk at any time by stopping at any of the village stations.

Kerzers Vegetable Path

Welcome to the largest vegetable garden of Switzerland. From the beginning of May until mid-October, you can discover over 60 varieties of vegetables growing in this region.

Le Crêt Educational path "A tire d’Ailes"

The educational path "A tire d’ailes" is situated in the magnificent forest "Bois de Ban" at 930 meters of altitude. The woodpecker guides you on a wood shaving covered path and informs you about the life of the birds that live in this forest.

Le Vully Vineyard Path

A thematic walk through the vineyards of Vully, in both Fribourg and Vaud, helps you to understand the different stages involved in wine production.

Les Paccots Little Gourmet Path

This walk is ideal for families with small children. Discover the mountain lake "Lac des Joncs" and the playground.

Les Paccots Patois Gourmet Path / Le Chindê dou patê

A route especially designed for families with children who are good walkers. This path leads to the "Cabane du Petit Oiseau", where you can meet their farm animals and learn the patois words for your delicious meal.

Marly Planet train of Marly

Discover the planet trail of Marly, a good way to visualize the planetsystem in which we are living!

Marsens Explorations in Marsens-Vuippens

Set off to explore the chateaux, farms and chapels of this area, as well as the archaeological site of the Temple of Mars (Roman ruins, well, tombs).

Matran Sculpture trail in Matran

Walk along the sculpture trail and watch wonderful works of art lost in the woods

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Moléson Botanical walk

From Plan-Francey to Gros-Moléson (Moléson East slope), From Spring to Autumn, informative signs enable walkers to identify 150 Alpine plants.

Pierrafortscha The drift boulder of Pierrafortscha

An opportunity to meditate on the meaning of the human being facing the strength of the nature: an impressive boulder of 330 m3 that has been carried from the Canton of Valais to Pierrafortscha by the glacier Rhône

Schiffenen Lake walk

Walk along the Schiffenen Lake and discover 3 castles, a dam, a nature reserve... A tour that will open up the pages of our history!

Schwarzsee On Riggli's traces

Riggli the dwarf is expecting you on top of Riggisalp and accompanies you on a journey into the world of renewable energy. Nine totem poles are waiting to be detected and explored by you on a smooth path of 2 kilometers. The educational path starts at the mountain station of the chair lift. The comfortable stroll takes you about one hour and a half. 

Schwarzsee Riggisalp trail

A trail at 1500m a.s.l. accessible to everyone!

Schwarzsee Witch path

The theme and adventure trail about legends and tales from the Sense region is a highlight for every age! Open during summer season, from May till October.

Siviriez/La Pierraz Marguerite Bays Route

Pilgrimage in the Fribourg region

Sorens The Sculptures-trail

114 wooden sculptures carved with a motor saw by different artists. Start close to the Sorens campsite.



  • Bulle - Château
    Bulle - Château
  • Bulle - Grand Rue
    Bulle - Grand Rue
  • Charmey
  • Charmey
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Estavayer-le-Lac
  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville
  • Gruyères
  • Jaun
  • Jaun
  • Jaun - Chalet du soldat
    Jaun - Chalet du soldat
  • la Berra
    la Berra
  • La Berra
    La Berra
  • Lac de la Gruyère
    Lac de la Gruyère
  • Lake Murten
    Lake Murten
  • Les Paccots
    Les Paccots
  • Moléson - village
    Moléson - village
  • Murten - Castle
    Murten - Castle
  • Portalban
  • Portalban
  • Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
    Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
  • Schwarzsee - See
    Schwarzsee - See
  • Schwarzsee - Stalden
    Schwarzsee - Stalden



All the highlights of the region.


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