2016.11 - Murten Murten on Ice

November 3th, 2016 - February 12th, 2017
A winter delight for everbody! The mobile ice rink is situated at the entry of the old town and provides a charming atmosphere for sportive and culinary experiences.

Charmey Ski and Snowboard in Charmey

With its 30 km of slopes, the ski area of Charmey has lots of possibilities for you.

Fiaugères Dog-sledge outing

Come and let off steam with an unusual activity: take part in an introduction to drive a team of huskies !

Jaun Ski and Snowboard in Jaun

The skiing area of Jaun is situated on 1580m. There are 25 km of slopes with 3 ski lifts and a chairlift.

Jaun Sledge run

Length of the slope: 6000 m.
Difference in level : 500 m.
Sledge rental
Transport by skilift

La Berra Ski and Snowboard in La Berra

The skiing area of La Berra is situated on 1635m. There are 25 km of slopes with eight ski lifts including a chair-lift.

La Chia Ski and Snowboard in La Chia

Only five minutes from the centre of Bulle, the La Chia ski-ing area stands at 1,000-1,300 metres above sea level. The facilities are open every weekend throughout the season, as well as during the Canton of Fribourg school holidays.

Les Paccots Bowls on ice

After a day of work, come and enjoy yourselves with an unusual activity: a game of bowls on ice, at Les Paccots' ice rink ! Using cans full of water to slide across the ice, this game follows the rules of bolws. A really fun activity for all participants !

Les Paccots Ski and Snowboard

The ski resort Les Paccots is the ideal place to learn skiing with your family. The company "Monte-Pente de Corbetta SA" offers 11 ski lifts, including 5 especially for the children.

Les Paccots/Rathvel Winter Olympics

Comment profiter un maximum de l'hiver ? Choisissez un cadre idyllique, munissez-vous de vos vêtements les plus confortables et les plus chauds et sortez dans l'atmosphère feutrée d'une journée d'hiver.

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Ski and Snowboard in Moleson

Launch into winter mode with enthusiasm. Moléson-sur-Gruyères has got an avalanche of activities for the whole family.

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Sledge run

Length of the slope : 4000 m.
Difference in level : 390 m.
Sledge rental
Transport by funicular

Rathvel Ski and Snowboard

The family ski resort of Rathvel is situated above Châtel-St-Denis and is the ideal place for beginners. The company "Ski-Lifts de Rathvel SA" offers 4 ski lifts, including 2 specially for the children.

Schwarzsee Ice Stock Sport

Ice stock sport resembles curling and can be played by groups of 2 to 32 people on the frozen lake. Reservation and rental at the Hostellerie am Schwarzsee. Price: CHF 30.- per set and hour. Access to the lake at one's own responsibility.

Schwarzsee Schwarzsee in the Winter

The frozen mountain lake in the winter, an alternative to the Ski and the Snowboard!

Schwarzsee Ski and Snowboard

Sport and relaxation in stunning nature!

Schwarzsee Sledding by night from the Riggisalp

Fancy a different experience in the snow? Sledging by night is the right choice for you!

Schwarzsee The Ice Palaces

A fascinating journey through an enchanting world made of ice, especially with the lighting in the evening.



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  • Cheyres & Châbles
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    Schwarzsee - See
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    Schwarzsee - Stalden


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