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Broc The Gorges of the Jogne

The Gorges are open.

From Broc to Châtel-sur-Montsalvens, the Jogne gorges will enchant you with their wild, unusully beautiful scenery.

Charmey Charmey Aventures

Escape? Adventure! Six tracks of various levels of difficulty, offering climbing belts, sliding ropes and vines (lianas) are at your disposal.
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Estavayer-le-Lac The Cable Ski in Estavayer-the-Lac

The longest water ski lift of Switzerland is located in Estavayer-le-Lac, on the south side of Lake Neuchâtel. Water skiers and wakeboarders - as amateurs or professionals - will find their happiness on the 800-meters long Cable Ski.

Fribourg Urban Gaming

Discover a innovative teambuilding on touch-screen tablets proposed by our partner Urban Gaming.

Fribourg Urban Golf

The first urban golf in Switzerland!


Wake the racer in you! The Mini-Grand-Prix is even suitable for pilots without go-karting experience. It includes a timed 10-minute qualification-race with chronometry followed by a 15-minute race with pilots and a starting grid. Lasts 11/2 hours.

Gruyères-Moléson Cheese dairy path

Here you can breathe in the pure air of our mountains and forests. Explore Gruyère's green pastures, its herds of cattle and when you are between Pringy and Moléson- Village, stop to admire the traditional alpine chalets, with their shingle roofs.

Kerzers Vegetable Path

Welcome to the largest vegetable garden of Switzerland. From the beginning of May until mid-October, you can discover over 60 varieties of vegetables growing in this region.

La Gruyère Riddles and Sensations

Walking trail with riddles and gauntlet to take up. Tyrolseiling of 60m.
From 12 years

Laupen rail-cycle

The expedition leads from Laupen over the disused railway line to Gümmenen. Other highlights: barbecue at the railway embankment , do some archery or sleep as an Indian in a teepee...

Lossy Swin-golf of Sarrazin

An outdoor and accessible sport activity suitable for everyone!

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Fun Park

Accessible according to individual's wishes and abilities. A system of tokens gives you access to all these leisure pursuits: Bobsleigh, Dowhill-scootering, Grass scooter, minigolf, Cheese dairy on the alp.

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Test of genius

A series of challenges to rise to, for motivating, optimising and setting the seal on a professional seminar, or sharing a time of relaxation between friends, well off the beaten track.

Murten Bike-Golf Lake Murten

With the bike and a Swingolf club around the lake Murten. Discover the region in a playful way with the family or in a group. All you need is your own muscular strength or a E-Bike.

murten Moped-tour around Murten lake

Let's travel in the past and refind a new youth! Become the kings of the road, as in the oldtime, with your friends! With the offer on a moped around Murten lake, make your both wheels buzzing around the whole Murten lake and enjoy the wonderful landcape as well as the culinary highlights of the region.


An exclusive and memorable event

Schwarzsee Summer toboggan run

A speedy adventure for the whole family at an altitude of 1000m. Fun and leisure for everybody on a total length of 1000 meters.

Via Ferrata

How about climbing the north face of the Moléson using the Via Ferrata. Rising by almost 400m and equipped with rungs sealed into the rock face.



  • Bulle - Château
    Bulle - Château
  • Bulle - Grand Rue
    Bulle - Grand Rue
  • Charmey
  • Charmey
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Cheyres & Châbles
    Cheyres & Châbles
  • Estavayer-le-Lac
  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville
  • Gruyères
  • Jaun
  • Jaun
  • Jaun - Chalet du soldat
    Jaun - Chalet du soldat
  • la Berra
    la Berra
  • La Berra
    La Berra
  • Lac de la Gruyère
    Lac de la Gruyère
  • Lake Murten
    Lake Murten
  • Les Paccots
    Les Paccots
  • Moléson - village
    Moléson - village
  • Murten - Castle
    Murten - Castle
  • Portalban
  • Portalban
  • Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
    Schwarzsee - Kaiseregg
  • Schwarzsee - See
    Schwarzsee - See
  • Schwarzsee - Stalden
    Schwarzsee - Stalden


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