Major events

Fribourg 2016 - The Tinguely year

As part of the 25th anniversary of the death of Jean Tinguely an entire festive program will be proposed throughout the year!

2016.01 - Murten Murten - Light Festival

11th - 22th January 2017
During 12 days, the Old Town of Murten is going to turn into a lighting spectacle of superlatives. The artistic productions on buildings, in the streets and on the town's towers are going to immerse the visitors into a mysterious and magic world.

2016.03 – Muntelier Easter Egg Hunt

27th March once again Children can look for Easter eggs and chocolate eggs on the area Centre Löwenberg. A highlight for the whole family!

2016.04 - Murten The Lake Murten slowUp

April 24th, 2016
32km of human powered mobility: cycling, skating, skate boarding, hiking, running, skipping or jumping. The Lake Murten slowUp is a car free dream and will be excellent fun for the entire family!

2016.10 Fribourg Fribug

16.11 - 18.12.2016 br />The satiric review of Fribourg is back this autumn and will perform at the restaurant de la Croix-Blanche in Le Moure !

2016.11 - Bulle FAMA: The Swiss Modelling and Handicrafts Fair

18-20.11.2016: The FAMA Fair, created in 1999, has fulfilled a need and drawn in year by year more and more exhibitors and visitors.

2016.11 - Murten Murten on Ice

November 3th, 2016 - February 12th, 2017
A winter delight for everbody! The mobile ice rink is situated at the entry of the old town and provides a charming atmosphere for sportive and culinary experiences.

2016.12 - Estavayer-le-Lac The open-air exhibition of Christmas cribs

03.12.2016 - 08.01.2017
The open-air exhibition of Christmas cribs features over 60 distinctive interpretations of the nativity scene, ranging from the traditional to the highly original. Take a stroll round the town and admire the handiwork of Estavayer’s residents.

2016.12 - Fribourg Advent Concerts

December in the Church of Villars-sur-Glâne

2016.12 - Fribourg Fribourg Opera

31.12.2016 - 15.01.2017
Fribourg Opera is one of the major musical events in Fribourg

2016.12 - Fribourg Soup Festival

9 - 25.12.2016
The Soup festival takes place in the pavilion at the Georges's Python square.

2016.12 - Fribourg St-Nicholas' Musical Rendez-Vous.

St-Nicolas' Musical Rendez-Vous in the Franciscan Monastery and the St-Michael's Church.

2016.12 - Fribourg The magic way to the feast of the Epiphany

24.12.2016 - 08.01.2017
Discover the creation of the famous local artist Hubert Audriaz.

2016.12 - FRIBOURG REGION Christmas-magic in FRIBOURG REGION

Hot wine, Christmas tea, handcraft, tales and nativity scenes: a lot to do before Christmas' coming...

2016.12 - Gruyères Christmas in Gruyères

12.2016: Let the quiet and welcoming music guide you to the heart of the illuminated city of Gruyères where you can feel the magical atmosphere of Christmas !

2016.12 - Marly Jean-Tinguely Memorials

28 - 30.12.2016
The 22nd edition of the international tournament of the young hockey players will be held at the ice rink Jean Tingluely in Marly.

2016.12.31 - Schwarzsee A different New Year's party ...

Celebrate the New Year individually without being lonely! Compose your own individual program for yourself, the two of you, your friends or family and join us and many more people at midnight for a toast to a happy 2017!

2017 - Romont Gourmet trail

Gourmet trail around Romont. This year the gourmet trail will take place in the village of Siviriez. The trail will be around 8 km and you will have the opportunity to taste 5 different dishes.

2017.01 - Bulle Antiques fair of La Gruyère

01.2017: The famous and traditional antiques fair of La Gruyère with 8000m2 of exhibition.

2017.02 - Bulle Wood Fair – Building and inhabiting

10-12.02.2017: It’s the place for trade and for meetings between both professionals and members of the public who are interested in wood, building and habitat.

2017.02 - Fribourg The traditional Fribourg's Carnival

25 - 28.02.2017
The parade: on Sunday in the old town of Fribourg

2017.02 - FRIBOURG REGION Carnival

Carnival is a fascinating celebration in Fribourg Region, which you are not to miss.

2017.02 - Jaun Trophée des Gastlosen - canceled

05.02.2017: The Dents Vertes ski club in Charmey will host the Trophée des Gastlosen.

2017.02 - Jaun Waterslide & Jumpcontest

17-18.02.2017: Fun contest, on which every participant ends in the icy water! Carnival feeling guaranteed!

2017.02 - Romont Carnival in Romont

Party, procession, fancy dress and confettis !

2017.03 - Fribourg Chicks Fribourg

Exhibition at the Natural History Museum

2017.03 - Fribourg Fribourg International Film Festival

31.03 - 08.04.2017
The 30th edition of FIFF: Flying the Flag of Freedom!

2017.03 - Fribourg Oldtimer & Teilemarkt

25 - 26.03.2017
42nd international market of vehicles of collection the most important of Switzerland

2017.03 - Fribourg The Magic Mirror

Take a walk in the garden of the Grabensaal in the old town of Fribourg and discover the creations of the well-known fribourgeois Hubert Audriaz.

2017.03 - Fribourg Tour of Lake Pérolles

the Triathlon Fribourg organizes its traditional "Tour of Lake Pérolles" for the 35th consecutive time.

2017.03 - Kerzers Kerzers run

18th of March 2017
Every 3rd Saturday in March running enthusiast of all ages and ability meet to participate in the first big spring run of the year.

2017.03 - Murten Carnival

3th - 6th of March 2017
Everyone in the region knows Murten Carnival takes over the old town for three days and nights of partying.

2017.03 - Murten Concert series at Hotel Murten

March - April 2017
The concert series celebrated at Hotel Murten offers always a fascinating programme with well-known and not so famous musicians.

2017.03-Fribourg Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg

The Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg has become an inescapable event in the field of Fribourg hockey.

2017.04 - Estavayer-le-Lac Eastern rabbit's enigma

Come and have fun to solve the Eastern rabbit's enigma. Discover the old town of Estavayer-le-Lac.

2017.04 - Fribourg Concerts of the Holy Week

13 - 14.04.2017
The concerts of the Holy Week take place every year in Fribourg.

2017.04 - Payerne Eastern and Jeûne Fédéral secondhand trades

The second hand trades in Payerne are also a place to meet people and where friendship renew or start up.

2017.04 - Romont Les Pleureuses

Holy Friday 2017
Mess and procession of the "Pleureuses" on holy Friday in the church Romont.

2017.04 - Romont Spring market

Next edition of the spring market in Romont.

2017.04 - Rue et Romont Les tapolets

Easter 2017
In Rue and Romont, the bells are replaced by the "tapolets", just before Easter.

2017.05 - Estavayer-le-Lac LudiMania'k

The Medieval city of Estavayer-le-Lac turned into a playground!

2017.05 - Fribourg The Dance Party

05 - 07.05.2017
The Dance Festival is held each year in Fribourg and all over Switzerland . Hip Hop, Tango, contemporary dance or folk dances... join the party and choose your style!

2017.05 - Fribourg The Museums' night in Fribourg

Discover and visit various museums of Fribourg during the night.

2017.05 - Glâne Music festival in Glâne

Glâne Music Festival

2017.05 - Morat Surfclassic

12th - 14th May 2017
Slalomraces, Freestyle Competition and more. Beachvolley, party with live bands and good atmosphere – these are the Surfclassics in Murten

2017.05 - Murten Flea market

13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September
Month of May until September 2017 – The flea market takes place every second Saturday of each month in the old town of Murten.

2017.05 - Murten May market

7th of May 2017
What would Murten be without its traditional May market? Enjoy the spring atmosphere in our beautiful oldtown when the retailers and other suppliers present their goods in the streets of Murten. We are looking forward to seeing you!

2017.05 - Payerne Spring market

Come and discover our spring market which will take place on all the marketplace of Payerne in May

2017.05-09 - Rue Evening markets in Rue

The place behind the Crêperie in Rue wakes up for the evening markets. Local products, Crêpes, and more specialties to eat. Concerts or animations.

2017.06 - Estavayer-le-Lac Elsa Bike Trophy

Which better way to explore the country side from our region … than by taking part in a competition or just by pleasure ? The race is open to everybody willing to spend some great fun !!

2017.06 - Estavayer-le-Lac Rose Festival

Estavayer-le-Lac will host again its Rose Festival.

2017.06 - Fribourg Belluard Bollwerk International

22.06 - 01.07.2017
Belluard Bollwerk International is held every year in early summer in Fribourg.

2017.06 - Fribourg Corpus Christi

In Fribourg, in both the city and the countryside, Corpus Christi is a big celebration. Altars are set up on elaborately decorated altars of repose.

2017.06 - Fribourg Feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street

The feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street take place every year in the beginning of the summer!

2017.06 - Fribourg half marathon Fribourg

The half marathon Fribourg offers an attractive route of 21,1 km for the big satisfaction of the runners!

2017.06 - Fribourg Les 12h de l'Auge

Tandem race in the old Town of Fribourg!

2017.06 - Fribourg Music Day

It is Summer time and the Music Day!

2017.06 - Fribourg The BerGiBike Race

Do not miss the Moutain Bike race of Fribourg! BerGiBike is a race open to all! As every year the race starts in Fribourg and ends in Bulle passing the beautiful Prealps of Fribourg!

2017.06 - Fribourg the feast of Pérolles

09 - 10.06.2017
The feast of Perolles take place every year in June.

2017.06 - Fribourg The Zampata!

06.2017 - A fun run up and down the city's stairs!

2017.06 - Le Vully Open cellars in Le Vully

From June 2nd to 4th, 2017, open cellars in "le Vully"

2017.06 - Le Vully The Vully gourmet path

June 24th, 2017
Culinary walk through the Vully wineyards.

2017.06 - Murten Shoot of Murten

25th of June 2017
The historical shoot of Murten on the "Bodemünzi"

2017.06 - Murten Youth Festival "Solennität"

22nd June 2017
The Youth Festival commemorates the 1476 Battle of Morat/Murten. The colorful Youth Festival features many activities and the finely decorated city fountains.

2017.06 - Neirivue-Moléson Mountain race Neirivue - Moléson

18.06.2017: Neirivue-Moléson is a mountain run with a distance of 10.6 m and a difference in altitude of 1290 m, the run is aimed at all sportive people.

2017.06 - Payerne Red Pigs Festival

Festival which will take place on 3 days to prolong the atmosphere of the Music Day

2017.06 - Riaz Glucose festival

01-04.06.2017: The Glucose festival is a small music festival in Riaz, a small town near Bulle.

2017.06 - Romont Braderie de Romont

A friendly family event in Romont, on the main street "Grand-Rue". With lots of stands and animations for children and adults, drinks and snacks. Friendly atmosphere!

2017.06 - Vuadens Herb festival

03-04.06.2017: Over 60 craftsmen and -women will have the great pleasure of sharing their work, with products of top quality.

2017.06/07/08 - FRIBOURG REGION Markets in FRIBOURG REGION

The market is the best way to discover a region and its local people, season after season. In FRIBOURG REGION, the season of ethic markets means summer!

2017.07 - Cheyres Festi'Cheyres

The free festival on Cheyres' beach!

2017.07 - Estavayer-le-Lac Free4Style

The biggest festival of Freestyle in the french part of Switzerland.
FMX contest, European Wakeboard Masters, Jet Ski : 3 spectacular disciplines and famous DJs partys.

2017.07 - Estavayer-le-Lac Swing in the Wind

Jazz in the historic center of the "Cité à la Rose". A nice way to begin the weekend !!

2017.07 - Estavayer-le-Lac The Estavayer Market

A big annual stock sale in the whole city with more than 150 merchants.
Enjoy walking down the little streets with all kinds of country products around you....

2017.07 - Fribourg Les Georges Festival

The festival consists of five music evenings and proposes a big range between pop, rock, song, electronic musics and jazz, presenting local and Swiss groups, but also international names!

2017.07 - Fribourg Open-Air Cinema Fribourg

Enjoy unforgettable evenings with lasting memories in the Belluard-Bollwerk.

2017.07 - FRIBOURG REGION Open Air cinema

This summer, come experience unforgettable movie nights in FRIBOURG REGION!

2017.07 - Gruyères Book fair

01-02.07.2017: Gruyères organizes the 17th edition of the Book fair in July.. The "Book fair" association and the booksellers are very pleased to welcome you into the City of Gruyères.

2017.07 - La Gruyère SlowUp La Gruyère

09.07.2017: One day every year, La Gruyère invites HPM (Human Powered Mobility) enthusiasts to grab their bikes, roller skates, and/or hiking boots to discover or rediscover the region of La Gruyère.

2017.07 - Le Vully Balade Gourmande de Vully-les-Lacs

17th July 2016
The promenade for gourmands on the Vully is a walk through the wineyards.

2017.07 - Murten Lake crossing

23rd July 2017
The lake crossing (distance 3,0 km) from Meyriez to Motier: only for trained swimmers!

2017.07 - Payerne Street market

01.07.- 02.07.2017
Payerne street market – a mecca for bargain hunters.

2017.07 - Romont Cinéma Open'R

Projection de films dans le cadre enchanteur de la cour médiévale du château de Romont.

2017.07 Romont "Sauvage" Tower

The summer appointments in Romont.
Every week a new exhibition. Every thursday a new show.

2017.07/08 - Estavayer-le-Lac Estivale Open Air

28-29 et 31.07.-01.08.2017
The Estivale Open Air is one of Switzerland's most beautiful lakeside festivals.

2017.07/08 - Murten Open-Air Cinema

5th July - 9th August 2017
Enjoy the open-air program in a historical scenery in the moat of Murten.

2017.08 - FRIBOURG REGION National Day Celebration and 1st of August Brunch

The National Day Celebration (August 1st) is solemnized in different ways: at the lakeshore, in the city or in the mountains.

2017.08 - Estavayer-le-Lac Bénichon Festival in Estavayer-le-Lac

On the last Saturday of August, a panel of master mustard-makers will gather on Estavayer’s Grand Rue to select the best Bénichon mustards in the canton of Fribourg.

2017.08 - Estavayer-le-Lac Open air second hand trade

Looking for happiness ? In this case, « estavayate » yourself !
Come and visit our big second hand trade that takes place in the whole medieval city with animations, refreshments and food corners.

2017.08 - Fribourg International Folklore Festival

In August of each year the streets of Fribourg are buzzing with folklore groups from across the globe.

2017.08 - Le Vully Vullyrun-Halfmarathon in Vully

26th August 2017
The "VullyRun" is a half-marathon which uses the vineyards ways belonging to the Vaud and Fribourg. An amazing sportive event to do!

2017.08 - Murten 1st August-Party

As usual, heaven over Murten is going to be colored and enlightened.

2017.08 - Murten City Party

11th - 12th August 2017
Also this year is the traditional annual Murten City Party a social and cultural event-highlight. As always, guests get delicacies in the main street. Different presentations and games are arranged for entertainment and fun.

2017.08 - Murten Murten Classics

13th of August - 3th of September 2017
Classical music festival in the medieval market town of Murten.

2017.08 - Payerne Tirage

A funfair where all Payerne from the outside and from here meet together in Friendship and Brotherhood.

2017.09 - Epagny The Gordon-Bennett Cup

07-16.09.2017: 61st Coupe aéronautique Gordon Bennett, FAI long distance gas balloon championship Is the most prestigious and the oldest aeronautical competition.

2017.09 - Estavayer-le-Lac Artephile

Artephile is an art contest open to all amateur and professional painters.

2017.09 - Estavayer-le-Lac Grenouille-Toi

Fun for all the family – spend the afternoon on the trail of Estavayer-le-Lac’s famous frogs and (re-)acquaint yourself with the picturesque medieval town at the same time.

2017.09 - Estavayer-le-Lac Medieval Feast

22.09.- 24.09.2017
Big Medieval Feast in the Castle of Chenaux in Estavayer-le-Lac

2017.09 - Estavayer-le-Lac The Inn of the poets

Concerts at the Tower of Dominican

2017.09 - Fribourg Festival of the traditional breweries

The festival of homemade beers invites you to come and taste the beers of the region of Fribourg at the Georges-Python Square!

2017.09 - Fribourg International festival of organ music Fribourg

The 20th international festival of organ music Fribourg


2017.09 - Fribourg The European Heritage Days

Discover the hidden cultural inheritance of Fribourg during the European Heritage Days.


During September and October, "Désalpe" is the best-known of all traditional mountain festivities. After more than four months of grazing in alpine pastures, cows make their way down to the plain.

2017.09 - FRIBOURG REGION The "Bénichon"

The "Bénichon" is a century-old, traditional Fribourg celebration.

2017.09 - Grangettes-près-Romont "Vin cuit" Festival

Experience an authentic slice of Fribourg's rich culinary heritage: the making of the delicious "vin cuit".

2017.09 - Murten Seeland-Triathlon

9th September 2017
The SWISS International Seeland-Triathlon in Murten.

2017.09 - Romont Bénichon market

Next edition of the Bénichon market in Romont.

2017.10 - Cheyres Grape harvest festival

During the second weekend in October, the wine-making village of Cheyres will be transformed into one large open-air party venue.

2017.10 - Murten-Freiburg Race Murten-Fribourg

1st October 2017
Race which takes place on the first Sunday of October. This great classic brings together around 8'000 participants every year.

2017.10 - Payerne The Payerne Food & Drink Festival

More than 60 regional, national and international producers are set to take over Payerne community centre, serving up a feast of fabulous food during four days!

2017.11 - Estavayer-le-Lac Red Bull Velodux

Pro and amateur cyclists and bikers are gearing up for the Red Bull Velodux, a cyclocross race the like of which has never been seen before.

2017.11 - La Gruyère Museum's night

12.11.2016: The museum's night in La Gruyère, Glâne and Pays d'Enhaut, an event you do not want to miss. Discover all the region's museum on a very special athmosphere witht the theme: "Cinema".

2017.11 - Payerne St Martin’s Fair

Over 150 stalls dotted across the centre of town and an exhibition of vintage tractors in the town’s main square.

2017.11 - Payerne Trade Fair

Huge commercial and agricultural fair in the area. This manifestation takes place every 2 years

2018 - Romont Comptoir de Romont - Fair

Glâne Trade Faire - comptoir de Romont

2018.05 - Estavayer-le-Lac The farm in town

The farm is coming to town!

2018.07 - Fribourg International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg

International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg is one of the important classical music meeting in Switzerland.

2018.09 - Murten Night of delights

13th September 2018
A unique experience! Night of delights: See - Feel - Hear - Enjoy.

2018.09 - Murten Panorama ceramic

1st and 2nd September 2018
Murten presents you a panorama of contemporary ceramic work.

2018.09 - Romont 20 Hours of Musics

More than 100 concerts in the whole town during 20 Hours...

2018.11 - Payerne Comptoir de Payerne

The Comptoir de Payerne is a real highlight in the town’s events calendar.



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