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Maison Cailler unveils new attractions to celebrate its 200-year anniversary

Published on 18 Mar 2019

Maison Cailler
Rue Jules Bellet 7
1636 Broc

+41 (0)26 921 59 60

To celebrate the 200th anniver-sary of the Cailler brand, the museum is announcing a range of new and exciting additions. Visitors will be able to watch Cailler’s chocolatiers preparing sweet treats before their very eyes, while in the chocolate production exhibition, which traces the development of the indus-try from its beginnings to the present day, there will be a selection of new objects on display which have helped Cailler to become the Swiss icon it is today. These objects include a vintage cocoa roasting machine and a fully functioning conche, as well as some rare pieces of early packaging. Thanks to a new online ticketing system, visitors can now also confirm the exact time of their visit in advance.

Watch chocolatiers at work
The Maison Cailler has been investing in its future and proposes, for its anniversary year, a range of new attractions. Following two years of planning and renovations, the museum re-opened to the public on March 1st with brand-new offers. What remains unchanged, however, is the tempting aroma from the chocolate factory that welcomes every visitor.

About the new attractions:
- Visitors can now watch Cailler’s chocolatiers at work in our new showroom in front of the mini Cailler production line as they follow the mould-casting process. The chocolatiers will show how their chocolate is crafted by hand, while also ex-plaining the technology behind chocolate mould-ing and describing the industrial process in detail. A number of vintage moulds are also on display.

- The exhibition boasts a number of new objects, including a cocoa roasting machine from the first half of the 20th century, and a conche from the second half of the 20th century, which still con-stantly flows with real chocolate. A showcase is now also presenting a number of traditional moulds. In addition, visitors will be able to discover how the production of chocolate has evolved over the past 200 years through the use of traditional tools and machines.

- Visitors with an interest in product design can now delve into the history of packaging thanks to the museum’s newly discovered collection of original pieces. In addition, they can follow the evo-lution of Cailler’s packaging from 1819 to the present day along an entire wall.

- In the tasting room, visitors can now marvel at a giant heart-shaped chocolate sculpture – entitled “For the Love of Chocolate” – which was created by sculptor and chocolate artist Gerhard Petzl. Ap-proximately 200 kilograms of chocolate were re-quired to produce this impressive piece of art as a celebration of Cailler’s 200-year anniversary.

- The gift shop has been given a makeover. A new “Pick ‘n’ Mix” area immerses the visitor in an en-chanted cocoa forest, where visitors can combine their favorite Cailler Napolitains chocolates with the box of their choice.

The Maison Cailler also offers visitors a new online booking system, which makes it possible to order tickets online, and even specify a visiting time in advance. In the past, you might have had to wait in a long queue for an allocated slot; now, you can schedule a visit to the Maison Cailler alongside any other excursions in the region, such as a visit to the cheese factory or the Gruyère castle.

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