The whole world in a garden

Faster and slower, varying the pace, Frédéric Perritaz, impetuous and playful, guides participants at the “Pied Total” in Villarimboud. This barefoot walk, direct from his imagination, offers a sensory journey across the world.

Civilised feet do not appreciate walking without shoes on large stones. But for Frédéric Perritaz the stones create the adventure. The first hesitations are quickly forgotten as a world of scents rises to your nose. Eucalyptus, pepper, and, more surprising, the smell of Coca Cola, bleach and Hollywood Chewing Gum. There are also the familiar essences of mint, verbena and lemon balm. You just have to place your hands on the shrubs and close your eyes to be blown away by the fragrance.

Could the hops in beer be anti-aphrodisiac? Frédéric knows both the name of each plant and how to tell surprising anecdotes associated with them. Meanwhile, your feet are cooled by the Glâne, the gentle river which runs through the estate.

A night outside the ordinary
Frédéric Perritaz and Nelly Loux’s family house, the “Pied Total”, their extraordinary garden and the campsite are contained in a four hectare site. The sleeping area is uphill from the stream, a few metres above the ground. It is not entirely ordinary: the beds are hung from the trees, in tents imagined and designed by Frédéric. However, those who are afraid of heights can sleep peacefully at ground level, in colourful caravans. Solid tables and wooden seats and a wide fireplace promise well-fed evenings under the stars, whether for families or groups of friends.

The night is very silent, so calm that every breath of wind and every rustling animal can be heard. Those who listen will be lucky enough to hear the all sounds of the living night. Breakfast is served by Nelly who looks after both the campsite and seven children. From the first rays of dawn, the spirit of the place gladdens the heart.

It is twelve years since they bought this land. There was nothing here, except cows and grass. Now, they present a magnificent landscape, full of life and biodiversity, almost a virgin forest, and perfectly integrated into the Glâne countryside. Whoever visits this place will feel the pulse of nature. School groups, families and cyclists will all find a unique experience here.




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