La Gruyère in brief

La Gruyère region enchants visitors with landscapes full of natural beauty. The region offers many visits, activities and excursion during all 4 seasons and is very easly accessible in the center of western Switzerland.

Bulle, situated at the foot of the Fribourg Pre-Alps, is the capital of La Gruyère, a predominantly agricultural region with a centuries-old tradition of fairs and cattle markets. The Musée gruérien, situated at the foot of the castle, presents the history and treasures of a region steeped in tradition. The permanent exhibition “Gruyère - Footprints and detours” allows visitors to experience the history of the region in an interactive way.

The small picturesque town of Gruyères and its castle appears to have emerged straight out of the Middle Age. A visit to the cheese-making museum -dairy “La Maison du Gruyère” is a must as you stroll at leisure through the small traffic-free town. The museum is the place to go to discover all there is to know about this iconic product, and visitors can also watch master cheese-makers at work. The museum and bar with its “biomechanical” pictures and sculptures of H.R. Giger, the creator of life forms for the film Alien, as well as the Tibet Museum, offer a unique cultural experience to holidaymakers.

The mount Moléson
Moléson-sur-Gruyères, a small village situated 1,100 meters above sea level, overlooks the small medieval town of Gruyères. The Moléson is the most popular mountain not only for its 360-degree panorama stretching from Lake Geneva to the Jura and from Mont-Blanc to the peaks of the Bernese Oberland, but also for its funicular and cable railway which are accessible to all. Many sports and activities attract visitors to the mountain, for example the Via Ferrata with permanent belays, the summer toboggan run, the grass karting, the bobsleighs and the mini-golf.

The village of Charmey
Sports fans will be drawn to an attraction of a different kind: the unique zip line facility from the Vounetz Mountain Station (1,627 meters above sea level) to the adventure park 400 meters below at the Rapido Sky Middle Station. Zip lines ranging from 11 to 200 meters in length provide up to two hours of fun gliding through the breathtaking scenery of the Fribourg Pre-Alps for an adrenalin-fuelled change of perspective! In summer, Charmey is the ideal place for a variety of walks or mountain bike rides. La Gruyère Thermal Baths offer a feast for the senses and total relaxation with their magical water features, their man-made waterfall and clear views of the mountains of La Gruyère Region.

The village of Jaun
Jaun is the only German-speaking commune of the district of La Gruyère. This area, in the midst of majestic summits, including the impressive Gastlosen range, offers a wide choice of hiking paths. The valley with its often plentiful snowfalls provides both for those wishing to indulge in winter sports and those who simply want to relax.

The Intyamon Valley
The delightful Intyamon Valley runs from Gruyères in a southerly direction. Villages and meadows, woods and pastures form the backdrop to a rural idyll that will transport visitors back in time. Cheese-making is a dominant theme and is reflected in the arrangement of space, the landscape, and farm architecture. The rustic past can be seen on the facades of houses and barns in Estavannens, Villars-sous-Mont, Grandvillard and Lessoc.

The Lake « Lac de La Gruyère » and La Berra
The Lake "Lac de La Gruyère" is located between Bulle and Fribourg. The Isle of Ogoz can be seen in the middle of the lake where there are some vestiges left, like ruins of a castle and a chapel.
Many footpaths run through the Gibloux forest and its surroundings: the Legends Trail, the Sculpture Trail, the Discovery Trail…and the trail around the lake! During winter, you can enjoy winter sports in the family resort of La Berra: skiing, sledging, snow-shoe walking: to the great delight of everyone!




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