"Freiburger Voralpenweg"

The "Freiburger Vorlalpenweg" leads in five one-day stages from the medieval town of Fribourg past picturesque Schwarzsee, into the Gruyère region, then along the Gastlosen chain to verdant Pays d’Enhaut and down to Château-d’Oex.

The Freiburg foothills stretch from western Switzerland through the cantons of Fribourg, Bern and Vaud and so the hike is also a tour along the language border between French and German-speaking Switzerland. The route leads from the art and university city of Fribourg through the Gottéron-Schlucht (gorge), over a scenic plateau past medieval churches and chapels to Plaffeien and on into the heart of the Alpine foothills. Then on a pleasant riverside path beside the Singine, via Zollhaus to tranquil Schwarzsee lake, encircled by the Schwyberg, Chällihorn and Kaiseregg peaks.

The path over the Euschelspass into the Gruyère region passes typical Fribourg alp huts, with superb views into the valley on the descent to Jaun. The jagged limestone cliffs of the Gastlosen chain form an impressive setting and flower meadows line the path up to Chalet du Régiment, where you can enjoy fine views and fine food, perhaps a typical fondue On the way into the verdant Pays-d’Enhaut, you hike from Canton Fribourg into Canton Vaud and after a lengthy descent reach the balloonists’ Mecca of Château-d’Oex.

1. Fribourg – Plaffeien (20 km – 5h25 )
2. Plaffeien – Schwarzsee (10 km – 2h45)
3. Schwarzsee – Jaun (12 km – 4h10)
4. Jaun – Soldatenhaus (6 km – 2h35)
5. Soldatenhaus – Château-d'Oex (24 km – 7h50)

Ascents: 3700m
Descents: 3300m




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