The lakes region, Estavayer - Murten:

- 2 lakes on Fribourg territory: Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten
- 1 nature reserve – the Grande Cariçaie (800 plant species, 10,000 animal species and 2,500 bird species)
- 1 BirdLife Nature Centre: La Sauge
- 2 castles: Chenaux Castle and Murten Castle
- 7 camping sites
- 7 sandy beaches

 Our hiking tip for you – Three Lakes Trail

The Three Lakes Trail goes through the nature reserves on the south bank of Lake Neuchâtel and its remarkable reed belt. Platforms invite interested persons to observe the flora and fauna and offer a fantastic view of the wetlands.

The hike is an experience for adults and children alike - apart from a detour to Mont Vully, it goes along the banks of the lakes. This means that it is possible to join the route anywhere, to tackle each stage as a separate one-day tour and also combine it with a boat trip.

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Highlights along the way are the BirdLife Nature Centre “La Sauge” and the Grande Cariçaie, the largest wetland area situated on a lake in Switzerland. Roaming the reeded inlets on hazardous wooden walkways is an experience that involves all the senses.

You become more aware of nature here: listening to and looking at the creatures creeping and flying, identifying rare plants or climbing up the lofty tower and observing animals.

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    • Duration - 10 hours
    • Length - 40 km
    • Number of stages - 3 Stages
    • Ascents - 564 m
    • Descents - 565 m
    • Grade - easy (hiking trail)
    • Level of fitness - average

     2 day stages for your trip on the waterfront

    Estavayer-le-Lac – Portalban

    Before you start, stroll through Estavayer-le-Lac, the “Town of the Rose” founded in 1470 and discover the cobblestone streets and the impressive Chenaux Castle. Afterwards you will hike through the largest wetland situated on a lake in Switzerland via Chevroux to Portalban. Along the way you can discover a lot of aquatic animals that live in the reed belt on the bank. The beach in Portalban is particularly family friendly with its large sandy and grass areas for relaxing.
    - Difference in altitude: + 80 m / - 80 m
    - Length: 12 km
    - Duration: 3 hours
    - Technical difficulty: easy
    - Level of fitness: basic


    Portalban – Murten

    The beach in Portalban is particularly popular with its large sandy and grass areas for relaxing. From there you will hike to Cudrefin. The nature reserve consists of shoals, wetlands, fens and riparian forests and primarily offers ducks and waders a protected habitat in which they find abundant food. The BirdLife Nature Centre “La Sauge” is ideal for a break. You will then hike along the Broye canal, followed by an ascent through the forest to Mont Vully, where you will be rewarded with an impressive view of the Three-Lakes Region. From Sugiez the trail goes towards Murten through the Chablais forest. You will arrive in the small medieval town of Murten where, as a fitting end to the hike, you will be able to visit the museum, climb onto the curtain wall and stroll through the arcades.

    Tip: You can cross the Broye canal by boat.
    - Difference in altitude: + 480 m / - 460 m
    - Length: 26 km
    - Duration: 6 hours 45 minutes
    - Technical difficulty: easy
    - Level of fitness: average

    Accommodation & restaurants on the hiking trail

    Our accommodation

    Camping by the lakeside, spending the night in a cosy Auberge in the nature reserve or in a historic hotel in the small towns of Estavayer and Murten.

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    Our restaurants

    Enjoy a refreshing drink and bury your feet in the sand or watch the rare species of birds in the nature reserve. Discover our restaurants and bars.

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    More highlights in the Lakes Region

    Historic trail, Vully

    History, vineyards, cuisine: Vully is a popular destination for hikers. On the historic trail through the smallest Swiss wine-growing area you can travel back to the beginnings of Western Switzerland and enjoy wonderful panoramas.

    Vineyard path La Riviera, Vully

    It is possible to join the vineyard educational trail "La Riviera" in Sugiez, Praz or Môtier; it runs between the vineyards. On the way there are various interpretative panels with interesting information about Vully wine. The trail goes uphill and downhill, past countless vineyards, across the rolling hills of Vully.

    Grande Cariçaie Path

    The hike goes from Estavayer via Cheyres and back to Estavayer and enables visitors to discover the Grande Cariçaie on the south bank of Lake Neuchătel. The nature reserve offers protection to 800 plant species and more than 10,000 animal species, which characterise the banks under the watchful eyes of hikers.

    La Molière Tower, Estavayer

    You can discover La Molière Tower on this hike. It is the sole remains of the impressive castle and the small medieval town that once stood on the hill.

    Papiliorama, Kerzers

    A tropical climate prevails under several domes. The jungle trek goes through a mangrove swamp and ponds with orchids. 1,001 butterflies enchant visitors with their ballet and the nocturnal animals remain unperturbed.