Facts and figures

- 1,200 Alpine chalets
- 32 Alpine cheese dairies, which produce Le Gruyère d’alpage AOP
- 2,389 m above sea level : Vanil Noir, the highest mountain in the Canton of Fribourg
- 2 regional nature parks: Gantrisch & Gruyère-Pays d’Enhaut
- 2 nature reserves: Vanil Noir & Lake Joncs
- 1 cultural landscape: Brecca valley
- 4 mountain lakes: Schwarzsee, Lake Montsalvens, Lake Gruyère, Lake Joncs
- 2,002 above sea level: Summit Moléson, a real amusement park
- 2 languages: German and French

Our hiking tip – the Alpine Panorama Trail

You will hike past more than 1,200 alpine huts, which are still managed according to long-standing traditions. Gourmets can look forward to regional specialities such as Gruyère AOP, tommes de chèvres, tarte au vin cuit, meringues and double cream, which are on the menu in the various alpine huts along the Panorama Trail.

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The rich architectural heritage, from castles through dams to alpine chalets with timber shingle roofs, and the remarkable flora and fauna of the Alps and forests fascinate culture lovers and nature lovers. The places in the different stages promise comfort and relaxation in calm villages or in small, welcoming holiday resorts.

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    • Duration - 15,25 hours
    • Length - 51 km
    • Number of stages - 3 Stages
    • Ascents - 2'195 m
    • Descents - 2'171 m
    • Grade - average (mountain hiking trail)
    • Level of fitness - average

    3 day stages, hike in the Fribourg Alpine foothills

    Schwarzsee - Jaun

    Schwarzsee lies in the heart of the idyllic countryside of the Fribourg Alpine foothills. Take time to stroll along the lakeside. The hike will take you to the Brecca Gorge which was formed by glaciers. The valley, which is framed by the Pointe de Balachaux in the west, the Schopfenspitz in the south and the Chörblispitz in the east, offers an impressive view of Schwarzsee. The landscape is characterised by old dry stone walls. Sycamores grow here and with a little luck you could see a pair of eagles, chamois and marmots. There is then an easy ascent to the Euschelspass, which is framed by the Chällihorn and the Chörblispitz and offers a splendid view of the abrupt limestone cliffs of the Gastlosen. After a short descent you will arrive at the Ritzlialp alpine hut. You will hike across the meadows to Jaun, the only German-speaking village in the region of La Gruyère.
    - Difference in altitude: + 720 m / - 760 m
    - Length: 12 km
    - Duration: 4 hours 10 minutes
    - Technical difficulty: easy
    - Level of fitness: average

    Jaun - Gruyères

    The hike begins in the village of Jaun, which is famous for its cascading waterfall and its graveyard with carved wooden crosses. The hike then goes along the linguistic boundary towards Charmey. The high peaks of the Hochmatt and the Schopfenspitz tower over the valley on the edge of which lies the picturesque village of Charmey which was the main production centre for Gruyère AOP from the High Middle Ages onwards. The water park is definitely worth a visit. After a stretch along the bank of Lake Montsalvens you arrive at the eponymous dam, the first one in Europe with a double arched retaining wall dating from 1920. The trail then goes through the wild Jogne gorge, across wooden bridges and through rock galleries. In Broc there is the pilgrimage chapel of Notre-Dame des Marches dating from 1636. In the last few kilometres you will see in the distance the little medieval town of Gruyères on a hill. It is impressive for its architecture, its history, its culture and its cuisine.
    - Difference in altitude: + 540 m / - 800 m
    - Length: 22 km
    - Duration: 6 hours
    - Technical difficulty: easy
    - Level of fitness: average

    Gruyères – Les Paccots

    You leave the little town of Gruyères and its castle, founded in the 12th century, and go to Pringy with its Maison du Gruyère. On the Cheese Dairy Trail via La Provêta you can discover the chalets that are typical for La Gruyère, many of which are run as mountain huts and invite you to taste local products. In the direction of Gros Plané and Col de Villard at the foot of the Moléson and the Teysachaux, you will catch alternating glimpses of Lake Geneva, the central plateau, the Jura and the green slopes of the Alpine foothills from afar. You will descend through the forest to the family-friendly holiday resort of Les Paccots with numerous signposted hikes through the countryside of the Alpine foothills. Here you can taste local specialities to your heart's content.
    - Difference in altitude: + 950 m / - 620 m
    - Length: 16 km
    - Duration: 5 hours
    - Technical difficulty: easy
    - Level of fitness: average

    Accommodation & restaurants on the hiking trail

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    Cosy mountain huts, traditional hotels with a view of the green Alpine landscapes. We will tell you where you can stay overnight with us.

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    Our restaurants

    Whether a traditional fondue moitié-moitié, a creamy chalet soup or a Genussplättli with locally produced mountain cheese and speciality meats. We wish all gourmets: Bon appétit!

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    More highlights in the Fribourg Alpine foothills

    Gastlosen circular tour, Jaun

    This wonderful circular hike starts in Jaun, the only German-speaking municipality in La Gruyère. The route goes around the famous limestone cliffs that go by the name of Gastlosen.

    Kaiseregg hike, Schwarzsee

    A superb view of the Bernese Alps and the Fribourg Alpine foothills awaits you at the summit of the Kaiseregg (2,185 m above sea level) . This challenging hike is especially popular with hiking fans in the Canton of Fribourg.

    Brecca Valley, Schwarzsee

    The primeval landscape of the Brecca Valley formed by glaciers has a mysterious fascination. A technically easy circular hike of around four hours goes from the Riggisalp above the Schwarzsee to the foot of impressive limestone walls. Afterwards hikers go from one alpine inn to the next on their way back to the valley.

    Circular tour Moléson, Moléson

    No summit with such fantastic views (2,002 m above sea level) is easier to reach. From the panoramic terrace, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view over the Alps to Mont Blanc, across the Three-Lakes Region to Lake Geneva and the Jura.

    Bains de la Gruyère, Charmey

    The magical waterscape (34° C) is a hit with a variety of saunas, steam baths and an unobstructed view of the mountains of La Gruyère. Wellness is completely global, while the chocolate for the body treatment is guaranteed to be regional.

    Gourmet trails, Les Paccots

    Visitors who put on their hiking boots in Les Paccots and follow the Panorama Gourmet Trail in the Fribourg Prealps will – after four courses and four hours of hiking – look back on a positive experience at the end of the day, in terms of calories too! There are three others but less challenging gourmet trails.

    Lake Joncs, Les Paccots

    Lake Joncs, a mountain lake, is situated above Les Paccots at 1,235 m above sea level. It dates back to the Ice Age, so it is around 5,000 years old and very deep. The lake, which is around 100 metres long, is an amphibian spawning area of national importance.