Take your time
by the Sense river
in Schwarzsee


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Sense gorges, waterfall and action in Schwarzsee

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Where? Start: Guggersbach bridge in Zumholz. Bus stop Brünisried, Riedgarten or Guggersbachbrücke
What? Educational walk with a biologist from the Gantrisch Nature Park along the Sense, which is the most natural river in the Northern Alps, according to the WWF. Dip your feet in the mountain stream, fight invasive neophytes (introduced plant species) or just relax. More information about the 1-hour walk through the Senseauen here.
When? The trail is accessible all year round. A public neophyte day with biologist Fabian Reichenbach is planned for July 11th. Other landscape maintenance missions upon request here
Price? Free.
Fun fact: On the one hand there is the «cold Sense» river that flows from the Gantrischseeli (BE), on the other hand there is the «warm Sense» river that flows from the Schwarzsee. The Sense river forms the border between the cantons of Berne and Fribourg.
Contact: Schwarzsee Tourism: Tel. +41 (0) 26 412 13 13, info@schwarzsee-tourismus.ch

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