Our rivers

River Sarine
Between the "La Tine" gorge and the rocky shores of Lake Schiffenen flows the River Sarine. Its course is dotted with vestiges of the region’s eventful history: the covered bridge in Lessoc, the cistercian abbey in Hauterive, and the medieval Old Town of Fribourg, to name but a few. The river may constitute a natural boundary, separating the French- and German-speaking communities, but for the people of Fribourg, the Sarine is the tie that binds.

Some propositions:
Hauterive circuit
The River Sarine and its bridges
Following the River Sarine from Fribourg to Laupen
Hauterive Abbey

The "Sense"
In a study, operated by the WWF, it was said that the river "Sense" is the most beautiful river in Europe. After the guidelines of this study, this river is one of the last natural rivers in the Alps. The "Sense" originates in Zollhaus in the canton of Fribourg, where the "warm Sense" – coming from Schwarzsee (1046 m) – and the "cold Sense" coming from Gantrisch (2175 m) – merge. Thereafter, it snakes for about 35 km down to the water mouth of the "Saane" in Laupen. According to specialists, the intercept from Zollhaus is fabulous.
Jogne gorges
Between Broc and Charmey, a forest path follows the course of the River Jogne up to the dam at Montsalvens.
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Waterway trails
These two nature trails, close to the city of Fribourg, offer a great outdoor experience that is both relaxing and educational in a setting, which is not only idyllic but often full of surprises.
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The Gottéron Gorge
Let the freshness of the Gottéron Valley invade you while crossing its savage and romantic gorges from the old town of Fribourg.
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The Chavanette Waterfalls
The Chavanette waterfalls, or "Chutes de Chavanette", are located in the Glâne district, near the medieval town of Rue. They are also known as the Broye waterfalls, or "Chutes de la Broye", in reference to the river that shapes them.
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Streams and rivers
Arbogne, Albeuve, Ärgera, Bibera, Bainoz, Biorde, Broye, Flon, Galtera, Gerigno, Glâne, Gottéron, Gérine, Hongrin, Javro, Jogne, Mortivue, Neirigue, Nesslera, Petite Glâne, Sarine, Singine, Serbache, Sionge, Sonnaz, Taverna, Trême and Veveyse.

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