Actual information about the state of the trails and useful links

Has a trail been changed? Is a landslide blocking a road? Find here our latest information on the state of the trails in the canton of Fribourg.

Actual information:

Planet path, Marly
The planet path is currently not accessible from Ependes in the direction of Marly la Gérine.

Mont-Vully - Botanical path in "La Vau de Praz" closed - a detour has been put in place
Due to landslide the botanical path in "La Vau de Praz" is closed until further notice. For safety reasons it is forbidden to access. Thank you for your understanding.
Rochers-de-Naye – warning, danger!
The section "col de Bonaudon-Naye d’en Haut" is closed!
Sense – Hangried 
Commune of Ueberstorf (coordinates 593700/190945)
The trail which goes along the Singine is closed until further notice because of falls of trees.
Because of the bad state of the access way to the bank of Gérignoz, the pedestrian path is closed temporarily for safety reasons between "On Mounts" Pt 999 and the bank of Gérignoz (Alt. 835 m). Renovation works are planned by the municipality of Marsens. We kindly request you to excuse us for these inconveniences.
The Jogne Gorges are open
On the website of the municipality of Broc you will find the information of any closure.

The Gottéron Gorge is open.
On the website of the municipality of Tafers you will find the information of any closure.

Report problems on the trails
Please do not hesitate to inform us in case of problems or damages on the trails.
Thank you for your understanding, and best wishes for your hikes!

Useful links
Guardian dogs: rules of conduct
Good to know

Last update: 11.06.2018

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