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FRIBOURG REGION invites you to live unforgettable moments, full of conviviality. Discover our seven destinations.


The small medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac is situated on the south bank of Lake Neuchâtel. Narrow Lanes brimming with history invite visitors to stroll and linger, as does the spacious shoreline of the lake. Sandy beaches and coves and a first-class water sports center are a hit with keen swimmers. Estavayer- le-Lac has been a haunt of wakeboarders for many years. Visitors can enjoy cool, fun-packed rides and try out or simply watch – the 800 meter cable ski has it all!

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The old town of Fribourg is deemed to be one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. Its location alone is enchanting: It enjoys an extremely picturesque location in the meander loop of the River Sarine and extends from the riverside via the lower town to the center of the old town around the Cathedral with its force field. Moreover, the many medieval buildings in the old town, with their Gothic façades, constitute one of the most important collections of its kind in Europe, particularly the façade of the town’s landmark St. Nicholas Cathedral. Works by contemporary artists, such as Jean Tinguely and Mario Botta, can also be admired. The capital Freiburg/Fribourg not only creates the cultural bridge between the German and French areas of Switzerland, it also boasts numerous bridges with interesting architecture.

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La Gruyère

La Gruyère region enchants visitors with landscapes full of natural beauty. Its unpretentious charm can be found in Moléson-sur-Gruyères, Gruyères, Bulle and Charmey. In addition to a wealth of delightful villages, La Gruyère Lake is well worth a visit. The delightful Intyamon Valley runs from Gruyères in a southerly direction. Villages and meadows, woods and pastures form the backdrop to a rural idyll that will transport visitors back in time. Cheese-making is a dominant theme and is reflected in the arrangement of space, the landscape, and farm architecture. The rustic past can be seen on the facades of houses and barns in Estavannens, Villars-sous-Mont, Grandvillard and Lessoc. Jaun (Bellegarde in French), situated at the foot of the famous Gastlosen, is the last station before the Jaunpass and the only German-speaking village in La Gruyère.

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Les Paccots

The “La Veveyse” area on the outskirts of the canton of Fribourg virtually faces south, towards Vevey and Lake Geneva. Only a half hour’s drive from Fribourg and Lausanne, it attracts visitors all year round, with sporting and leisure activities in the fresh mountain air. Les Paccots and Rathvel are ideal starting points for winter sports. Snowshoe trekkers will find a large network of signposted trails and a lot of unspoiled nature in the Pre-Alpine countryside. Winter hikers also like to immerse themselves in this peace.

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Lake Murten region

Murten, the capital of the Fribourg Lake District, is a case of love at first sight. The small Zähringer town, in its idyllic location overlooking Lake Murten, simply delights everyone. The Old Town has nestled against its defensive town walls since the Middle Ages. The walls are part of a fortification that is very well preserved and accessible and beg to be explored. A real adventure, brimming with history that fascinates children and adults alike! Fortified towers, dungeons, narrow stairs and secret rooms bring Murten’s turbulent history to life.

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The small town of Romont, situated 22 kilometers south-west of Fribourg, has preserved much of its mediaeval heritage. Surrounded by impressive town walls, the small town is situated on a hill in the upper Glane Valley. It is a so-called drumlin, an oval mound moulded by the action of the Rhone glacier in the Ice Age. The present-day name Romont originates from Latin (rotundus mons) and means round hill.

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Schwarzsee, covering an area of 0.5 km2, nestles romantically in the Fribourg Pre-Alps and, like the village of the same name, is part of the German- speaking Sense district. The lake shimmers turquoise, deep blue or jet black, depending on the light. Meadows and trees line the predominantly flat lakeside, creating a magnificent contrast to the limestone mountains and rocky ridges. The Breccaschlund nature reserve, a natural monument of national importance, is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt Alpine valleys in Switzerland. The landscape was clearly carved out by glaciers.

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