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Has a trail been changed? Is a landslide blocking a road? Find here our latest information on the state of the trails in the canton of Fribourg.

Actual information:

07.10.2021. Closed: Chapelle Rose – Passerelle Rio di Prà
This section is temporarily closed

10.08.2021. Cheyres - lake shore
Due to bad weather and flooding, the trail to Cheyres via the lake shore is closed until further notice.
04.08.2021. Lätti - Camping Füllmattli
The hiking trail from Rufenen is reopened. Unfortunately, the area between Lätti and the camping site must remain closed until further notice. A detour is marked.
14.07.2021. The Gottéron Gorge
Due to several landslides and the current rainfall, the Gottéron Gorge is closed until further notice.

07.07.2021. Forests of Bouleyres and Sautaux
Due to works on the TPF line, the section linking the forests of Bouleyres and Sautaux is closed until 1st July 2022.  
Sentier des fromageries via les Reybes: secteur Chésalles
In case of shooting exercises: please follow the deviation signs. In principle until 01.11.2021: Friday from 18.00-20.00 and Saturday 14.00-17.00
The calendar can be viewed at: 
Riau de Grattavache
The footbridge over the Riau de Grattavache (2'583'757 / 1'166'663) has been carried away. A new construction will be built in the spring, at a date which has not been defined yet.
IMPORTANT: Currently, the passage is fordable, but it remains difficult to cross according to the weather conditions of the moment (high water due to snow melt, important rains,...).
Chapelle St-Joseph
Due to the prohibition of access to the property, on which the St-Joseph chapel is built, the hiking trail is redirected until further notice.
Schwarzsee: Path between Staldenloch and Alphütte Hubel Rippa
The path is accessible again. A temporary passage over the Euschelsbach is in place. For safety reasons, the path is not passable in case of flooding or storm (sudden rise in water level). Information signs are in place.
Route between Balliswil and the Grandfey Bridge is diverted
Due to repeated incivilities, the owner no longer allows access through her property. The section of the route between Balliswil and the Grandfey Bridge is thus diverted. Please observe the existing signs and consult the map extract.
The Jogne gorge
On the website of the municipality of Broc you will find the information of any closure.

The Gottéron Gorge
On the website of the municipality of Tafers you will find the information of any closure.

Chemin des grottes de Naye
The section of the mountain pass Bonaudon to Naye d'en Haut, giving access to the Rochers de Naye via stairs, is opened from July 3rd for the summer.

Winter closure:  

The section between Le Bry and Rossens of path of the Lac de la Gruyère is closed due to security reasons. It concerns all the part of the path which is under the viaduct whose the snow clearance make the practical dangerous. Some signs are placed on the path.

Report problems on the trails

Please do not hesitate to inform us in case of problems or damages on the trails:
Thank you for your understanding, and best wishes for your hikes! 

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Last update: 07.10.2021