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Welcome to the website of Fribourg Region and its tourist regions. Please select on the map the region you wish to discover and browse through its offers. We wish you a lot of fun!

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Suisse Fondue Festival

The first edition of the Suisse Fondue Festival will be held from the 17th to the 20th of November 2022 in the heart of Fribourg, with 15,000 visitors expected to attend.

Whether enjoyed at the festival or to take away, our famous “moitié-moitié” fondue will be celebrated as an icon of local Fribourg cuisine. Thanks to this festival, Fribourg will take its rightful place as the capital of fondue.

There are two key objectives here: raising awareness of the importance of “moitié-moitié” fondue as an iconic product of the canton of Fribourg, and spreading the word about fondue made from Gruyère AOP and Vacherin
Fribourgeois AOP far beyond our borders. This festival should benefit shops and businesses throughout the town of Fribourg. Indeed, the event is a joint venture by the town of Fribourg and the Interprofessions du Gruyère (IPG) and Vacherin Fribourgeois (IPVF). Moreover, it is supported by a variety of local businesses, the Fribourg tourism
industry, and regional political bodies (La Nouvelle Politique Régionale).

An event for everyone on Place Georges-Python.

The festival will be held on Place George-Python, in the heart of Fribourg’s pedestrian city centre, in an incredible 16m high structure built especially for the Fondue Festival, called “la Bûche”. Fribourg was the natural choice to host the event, with its young student population and strong urban culture, plus its excellent location at the linguistic
border and easy access to every part of Switzerland. It is also the capital of a canton which rightly remains, to this day, widely recognised as the home of “moitié-moitié” fondue. By hosting this festival in Fribourg, the event will draw
in both veteran fondue lovers and a wider, younger, and more urban crowd. It looks like innovation and tradition come together pretty well, too! Switzerland’s first ever fondue robot will be unveiled at the festival, where it
will cook up a batch of “moitié-moitié” fondue. Tradition will be provided by a cast of fondue experts, ensuring that the quality of the product will remain at the heart of our fondue culture as it grows and spreads to the next generation.

Free access for all to “la Bûche”

On the ground floor, visitors can enjoy a series of demonstrations all day and all evening, in particular at the fifteen or more stands where they can pay a “Forfait Fourchette” and taste a whole variety of fondues. The restaurant on the first floor can seat 150 people and will exclusively serve up our famous local “moitié-moitié” fondue. To ensure that all of our visitors are fed, GastroFribourg has formed a partnership with restaurant owners around the city.
For Dominique de Buman, the President of the Organisation Committee: “The “Suisse Fondue Festival” is not only a fun and delicious event - it will also raise awareness of this iconic dish beyond our borders and shine a light on the
expertise and tradition behind it. It will also be a lever to boost the food and agriculture industry in the wider Fribourg canton.”
The event will take place every two years

From 17 to 20 Nov 2022

Dates and timetable

From 17 to 20 Nov 2022

Place Georges-Python
1700 Fribourg

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