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Welcome to the website of Fribourg Region and its tourist regions. Please select on the map the region you wish to discover and browse through its offers. We wish you a lot of fun!

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Hiking around the lake „Pérolles“

For more than 8 km, discover the dam, its fauna and flora and the water so essential to human life. 19 stations punctuate the walk. Children will find little games, riddles or the opportunity to trust their senses...

From the bus stop "Les Rittes" take a tarmac road on the edge of the houses and continue along a path first made of clay and then gravel. It will take you to discover undergrowth, clearings and country horizons. At the end of the path, continue to the left on an asphalt road lined with trees. This road will invite you to go around buildings built on a wide esplanade. You can stop at an oratory or a resting table to get some rest. Then continue your route which will take you down a gentle slope, it will take you to a monumental crucifix. From there, turn left in the direction of the fortified gate of Bourguillon. Take its passage and continue on a paved road. On the right, admire the Chapel of Lorette and its esplanade, from which you will have a fantastic view of the City of Fribourg. Continue your descent until you come to a slight flat spot on your right: the Monastery Chapel of Montorge and, on your left, its church and monastic area. Take the asphalt road heading west on your left. You will pass through the middle of a hamlet, then turn left onto a paved path going downhill in order to pass through a fortified gate. On your right, you can admire the Abbey of La Maigrauge.

Then, your itinerary will circle an old building on the left. Still below, take the direction of La Sarine. Thus, you will pass close to an electric factory fed by the dam of La Maigrauge then, by an ascending path, continue your itinerary by crossing the river by the top of the dam. From there, you can admire the scenery: a vast water reservoir partially transformed into a reedbed and framed by cliffs. The trail continues towards the forest before it comes up against a bank of molasse. A tunnel is built there, the remains of a hydraulic industrial activity, dating from the 19th century. Formerly, a hydraulic rotary movement operated a set of gears and cables. This hydraulic rotary movement was taken higher up on the Pérolles plateau. It was used to operate various industries. Then, the ascending path continues, a few escapes allow to admire the site. The meanders and the digging of the surrounding cliffs testify to the abundant and continuous flow of the river. Then, at the end of the path, almost in an urban area, turn left, hairpin left and take the stairs towards the forest. The path is winding, sloping before a fork in the road to the right, the path continues with a succession of horizontal turns. Then, through a tunnel dug in the rock, cross the cliff.
At its exit, a set of stairs will allow you to reach the river bed. There, the reed bed is still present and the wildlife activity is perennial. Continue along the edge of the river by a narrow path before reaching a wider plateau where modern industrial activities are developing.
The trail continues, with a wide curve following one of the meanders of the Sarine. At the flax, you can see the Pont de Pérolles. Continue the path before reaching the foot of one of the pillars of the point. A metal structure will allow you to cross the Sarine. On some of the pillars there are climbing routes. Finally, the trail continues upwards on the edge of the forest, which you will climb to its end. From there continue under the bridge by a road that continues on the edge of houses. This will take you to the bus stop, your starting point.

Tip: During your hike you can visit the chapel of La Lorette and the abbey of La Maigrauge.


Commission de gestion du lac de Pérolles
P/A Service des forêts - 1er arrondissement


Fribourg Tourisme et Région
Place Jean-Tinguely 1
Case postale 448
1700 Fribourg

Duration: approx. 3h
Length of the hiking trail: approx. 8.6km
Difference in altitude: +/- 435
Highest point: 673m

Properties of the itinerarie

Difficulty: Moderately difficult

Length: 8 km

Duration: 02:40

Type of activity: Sports

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