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Welcome to the website of Fribourg Region and its tourist regions. Please select on the map the region you wish to discover and browse through its offers. We wish you a lot of fun!

La Gruyere
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The Three Rivers path

To follow the Gérine, Glâne or Sarine rivers, to perceive the presence of animals, to admire the variety of plants or to understand the work of men who preserve the water and its environment.

This trail continues for about 11km and crosses the three main rivers feeding Lake Pérolles. You will thus successively cross the Sarine, the Glâne and the Gérine. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of water, the treasures it holds but also about the forest and the plant world that surrounds us.

From the bus stop "Les Rittes", take the bus in the direction of Fribourg, take a downhill road near the Pont de Pérolles. You will then pass under the bridge. Continue along a forest road and on an ascending path established in twists and turns ending with stairs. Then take a wide bend to the left along an alternating asphalt and gravel road on the outskirts of the industrial districts, apartment blocks and clinics of the city of Fribourg.
Continue your route by branching off to the left on a dirt track which first winds its way through the forest before continuing along the edge of cliffs and houses to the outskirts of Villars-sur-Glâne. From there, you can discover the wide meanders of the Sarine river. Continue through a paved pedestrian area flanked on one side by the Glâne road. On your right, carefully cross the aces towards St-Apolline.
Go up the river, La Glâne, until you reach the stone bridge you will take. The bridge dates from the 16th - 17th century. It was for a long time an important crossing point because it was placed at the convergence of road axes. The existence of this passage is attested already in Roman times. To your right admire the chapel dedicated to the virgin and martyr St. Apolline.
Continue your itinerary along a forest road, then turn left and cross the Bois de Châtillon in the centre. Then, at the end of the route, turn right, carefully cross the cantonal road and continue your itinerary through a series of clearings, undergrowth and borders. Cross the Sarine River by a metal footbridge, turn left and continue on a dirt track, cross the Gérine River by means of a bridge and go up its watercourse between edges and clearings. Take a hairpin bend on your left along an ascending path. This forest path will take you past houses in the Le Paquier district, then, continue on the edge of the forest by a wide curve to the right.
Go along a road then cross it in order to reach the district "Le Riedelet". Follow these tarred paths before reaching a dirt track on the edge of the forest. Your route will take you to a neighbourhood of family villas which you will cross. It will join your starting point, the bus stop "Les Rittes".

The Tour des 3 Rivières is an existing educational trail within the framework of the water trails. It includes explanatory panels on the surrounding fauna and flora all along its route.

Tip: take advantage of your hike to visit the botanical garden of Fribourg.


Fribourg Tourisme et Région
Place Jean-Tinguely 1
Case postale 448
1700 Fribourg


Commission de gestion du lac de Pérolles
P/A Service des forêts - 1er arrondissement

Durée: 3h15
Distance: 11 km
Dénivellation: +/- 396m
Point culminant: 647m

Properties of the itinerarie

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 10.6 km

Duration: 03:15

Type of activity: Sports

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